Formal Style Garden. Yorkville French formal garden

Classic inspired front yard garden can be very formal, with strong architectural features or they can be somewhat softer and more lavishly floral. Small front yard garden in heritage area of Yorkville in downtown Toronto is inspired by French Renaissance gardens. Neatly  manicured boxwood hedges and rhododendrons, accented by topiaries,  sculptures and framed by distinct edges of the old red  brick walkway.
While  there are many kinds of formal gardens, they have two qualities in common:  balance and symmetry. Edges and borders along with a plant material are often laid out in neat, geometric shapes – squares, rectangles, triangles or circles, this shapes accentuate the stability and serenity of formal landscape designs. Elegant front landscaping that grabs your attention with good design, high end materials and details  like plants and landscape lighting will increase the value of your propery.