Historic Small Garden. Yorkville Back in Time to a Secret Garden

This small rear garden in heart of historic Yorkville area of Toronto was carefully restored, the garden landscaping design was done respecting the spirit of the place. Neo-Gothic style of the house together with antique architectural, sculptural or decorative features of the garden create a meditative spot of peace and serenity in a middle of the busy modern city.

Iron gazebo, natural stone garden wall and outdoor kitchen, cast iron furniture and architectural details were chosen to complement the style of the interior and exterior of the house. Dating back to the sundials of ancient Egypt brought to Italy by the Romans, obelisks are age-old forms are essential garden décor. Most often used in parterres and potager compositions, wood, iron or stone obelisks are a bold architectural element for classical gardens. In this garden cast iron obelisk with seasonal flower arrangement was used as a focal point of the garden.

Painted lattice screens for existing and new climbing vines help to create a sense of enclosure and safety. Elegant boxwood hedges are used to create a room divider. Shaped around flower beds they add a sophisticated look to the garden.

The same design techniques were used for the front yard and roof garden of the property.