Naturalistic Style Landscaping. Etobicoke creating connections with nature.

Natural garden style. These backyard landscaping design styles of gardens must be carefully planned and orchestrated. To archive more natural and uncontrived garden look, more artful design techniques must be executed.

Curved lines of the garden layout soften long straight lines of the building.  Using natural stone steps, terraces and retaining walls as well as group planting creates flowing, natural look of the garden.

There is nothing like using natural rocks for your garden to give the look as if they’ve been there since time began, complementing the surroundings. Plants are selected carefully to ensure a variety that are local, will survive and be interesting and beautiful   through all seasons.

“Combining stone and water is as old as civilization,” Sagui said. The “Bubbling rock” water feature used as a focal point of the garden and provides a gentle and calming sound of running water similar to natural spring.

Mature spruce trees around large stone patio create seclusion and privacy eliminating the need of building a fence that can limit the view. An extensive backyard makeover integrates with the mature setting to feel like a Muskoka getaway.